Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas bauble bunting

Bauble bunting

One of the main rules for shopping in Poundland: make sure the thing you're buying isn't faulty. When buying baubles from Poundland (and especially when buying a crap-load of baubles from Poundland) you should rilly make sure they all have little dangle-thread things for which to hang from your tree, no? Shame I didn't take my own advice.

But what to do with them? Well, all my wreaths had been made (which you can see here and here) so I couldn't do a bauble wreath (which actually I was quite glad about - not sure I have the patience for that) and I'd just made a load of paper bunting from an old book so did a bit of crafty maths and came up with bauble bunting – or Baunting if you will. Again, blummin easy, and better than tinsel.

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